Calling All Minnesotans!

Lately I’ve been witnessing a positive trend for the Twin Cities startup community. One that I think positions it uniquely amongst other markets I’ve visited.

At least once a week I get contacted by a Minnesotan who lives somewhere else but wants to move back. They either work for or started a tech company and now are contemplating a move back. Maybe they just had their first kid and want to be closer to family. Maybe they’re contemplating buying a house and can’t fathom it in San Francisco. Maybe they just want to be around when the Vikings win the Super Bowl next year. Regardless, they are “hearing great things” about the startup scene in Minnesota. They are just looking for the right excuse to move back.

I think these “Boomerangs” are a phenomenon fairly unique to Minnesota. People grow up in Minnesota, love it, but want to get away for awhile while they are young. Gain some experience. See the world. Do something wild.

I should know. I was one of them. After graduating from the University of Minnesota and selling my first company, I went on a five month adventure to Argentina. I followed this up by a 4.5 year stay in Boulder. I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world, but I was excited to move back North. I had been “hearing great things” about the local startup community. Upon my return, I think my experiences I gained while away unique positioned me back in MN.

The “hearing great things” narrative is also important. Word is spreading and people are talking positively about the startup community. While I believe their is still work to do, the narrative is positive and proliferating.

While some people may argue that we have a “talent flight” problem, at least those flights seem to have a return ticket. People who take this path have unique perspectives and experience to share from their adventures. I think this adds to the local creative culture that is prominent throughout the Twin Cities.

So, to all the Minnesotans abroad….Welcome! Come back and join us. The time is now. This will be fun.