#TCSW15 + #betadotmn Recap

The week after the week has come and gone and I’ve had some time to reflect on all things TCSW.

First off…wow.  I was absolutely blown away by the startups, the events, and overall enthusiasm sustained throughout TCSW15.  I’m not just playing cheerleader here either. Well done everyone.  Hats off to you!

It really felt like the whole week began to take on a life of its own. Planning for TCSW15 began in January and a lot of time and effort was put forth by the founding partners.  However, as the week approached most of the 60+ events fell into place. Hosts did an amazing job and it sounded like attendance levels were high (still compiling data on this).

As for Beta.MN 2.5..wow.  Once again, the startups, venue, and level of attendance set new standards of excellence for us.  It will be hard to top that one, but you know we’ll be trying in 2016. Congrats to Woodchuck on taking home the coveted Golden iPod.  We’re banking on a fresh layer of wood on the trophy when it returns!

So…what’s next?  Bigger and better, of course. Planning for next year’s TCSW16 will begin in the new year.  Would love to hear any and all feedback for improvement.  Also, if you’d like to get involved in the planning, all are welcome.

– Ryan